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Focal Rhythm Productions Sound is a creative sound team based in East London, in between Dalston, Stoke Newington and Canonbury areas, specialising in audio content creation for advertising, documentaries and movies.

The company, that comprises also a film department active in London and in Sydney, was formed in 2012 and since then it already worked on tons of projects, vaunting collaborations with big brands such as Sony Entertainment, FIAT, Calvin Klein, Gillette and producers such as Mark Ronson, to name a few.

Latest sound projects

Focal Rhythm Productions actively collaborates with Pepper Records, a music recording studio and record label also based in London.

Music | Jingles | Sound Design | Foley | Voice Over | ADR | PRoduction Sound

Our team of composers, sound recordists and sound designers work closely together to create soundtracks that perfectly fuse sound design and music.

The environment is very collaborative and creative, therefore integrating all aspects of sound, planning and following a vision from the early stage of the recording - in studio or on set -  to the final "touches" in the mix, is our strength.

We will provide all equipment for production sound as well as a dedicated  studio where to record Voice Over, ADR and Foley. We also have a database of trusted voice over and dubbing artists so you can choose the perfect voice for your product.

Framing a great story with a brilliant sound landscape is our way to support and enhance the director's vision and make the advert, documentary or movie to stand out and communicate all the emotional tension that images left alone can only rarely express.

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